There's a new way of doing things in Manitoba. Fair. Simple. Transparent.

At Xplore Mobile, we believe that your service provider should be fair and transparent. No tricks, no surprises and no unexpected charges. Just great plans, easy to understand tabs, wide coverage and a great selection of devices—without any hassles. Simply put, we make things simple.

Got unused data? Keep it. Really.

With Xplore Mobile —and only with Xplore Mobile —you can keep 100% of your unused monthly data to enjoy next month. That’s right. You can roll over the unused data you paid for this month. Hard to believe? It’s only fair.

How Rollover Data Works

It’s amazingly simple: If you have unused monthly data in your plan at the end of the month, it rolls over to the next month. There’s no catch. That’s it. And then you use last month’s unused data first before using your current month’s data. No data goes to waste. Remember: Only unused data from this month can be rolled into next month.

Manitoba, we got you covered.

Always stay connected with Xplore Mobile. Our service operates on our 4G LTE+ network and other networks across Canada, the U.S. and around the world. When you have coverage this great, it’s easy to keep in touch.

xploremobile network coverage

See what plans are available in your area

You can change your postal code at any time by pressing the location button in the site navigation. Address must match primary area of use. Usage exceeding 50% over two months outside area can result in disruption of services and mandatory plan change.