Bring Your Device

Bring in your phone, bring on the savings.

Use your current phone and number with Xplore Mobile.

If you already have a smartphone, it’s easy to use it on Xplore Mobile. Just choose a plan without a term commitment and you’ll save each month.

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How to BYOD

  • Check if your phone is compatible with the Xplore Mobile network.

  • Choose the No Tab option for your plan.

  • Visit our Brandon store to activate.

  • or Make a Telephone appointment to activate.

Check if your phone is compatible and available for use on our Network

To find out if your phone is compatible and available for use with the Xplore Mobile network, just check your IMEI, a unique number that identifies your mobile phone.

Most 4G LTE phones will work with Xplore Mobile. But remember, if your phone is locked to another carrier, you’ll have to call them to unlock it before you can use it.

Enter your IMEI number

Dial *#06# to display it on screen

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Move your number to Xplore Mobile

Have a number you just can’t part with? No problem. It’s easy to use your existing phone number with Xplore Mobile. Just bring in your active phone to our Brandon store or book a virtual appointment and we’ll contact your current provider.

You can usually move your number if:

  • It’s an active mobile or landline number in Canada
  • We have service in the area
  • It’s from a service provider in the same local calling area
  • Number portability is available in the area

Check eligibility to move your number

Enter your 10-digit phone number

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Pick up a SIM card

$15 retail price

When you keep your own phone, you’ll need an Xplore Mobile SIM card. Pick one up at our Brandon store or give us a call.

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See what plans are available in your area

You can change your postal code at any time by pressing the location button in the site navigation. Address must match primary area of use. Usage exceeding 50% over two months outside area can result in disruption of services and mandatory plan change.