Fair Access Policy

Our goal is to ensure that each Xplore Mobile customer receives fair and consistent access to the Internet. Bandwidth (the amount of data that can be transmitted and received) is shared among everyone who is connected to the network. Peer-to-peer applications, video streaming and large file downloads can disproportionately use up that bandwidth. If this happens, it can crowd out web browsing, email and other types of web traffic. Traffic management helps to ensure that all of our customers receive a good online experience.

Xplore Mobile’s Internet Traffic Management Policies on its mobile wireless network are simple. If a customer uses more than 20 GB during a monthly billing cycle, that customer will experience reduced data transfer speeds capped at 125 kbps. In addition, Xplore Mobile may from time to time apply traffic management policies to limit the impact of peer-to-peer file sharing applications on the performance of the mobile wireless network. While these policies may affect the transfer speed of certain traffic in certain circumstances, these policies are not designed to cause your transfer speed to fall below 100 kbps.

Traffic management policies in effect may change in the event of maintenance, testing, outages or unforeseen network-impacting events.

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You can change your postal code at any time by pressing the location button in the site navigation. Address must match primary area of use. Usage exceeding 50% over two months outside area can result in disruption of services and mandatory plan change.