Xplore Mobile rolls out the red carpet for Manitoba's wireless customers, allowing them to roll over last month's unused data

  • Manitoba's first and only data plan allowing consumers to roll over last month's unused data
  • Service across Manitoba launching November 14, 2018 on an established 4G LTE+ network
  • Retail outlets now open in Brandon and Winnipeg

WINNIPEG, Nov. 5, 2018 /CNW/ - Xplore Mobile today unveiled the Rollover, a first for Manitoba, introducing fairness to the province's wireless industry. Xplore Mobile will start welcoming new customers on November 14, 2018 and this innovative plan will allow them to roll over their last month's unused data.

"Manitobans have been asking for a wireless company that treats them fairly and offers plans that are simple, affordable and transparent. We want to be that company," said Allison Lenehan, President of Xplore Mobile.

Xplore Mobile recently launched its service by welcoming approximately 20,000 mobile customers transferred from another carrier, as a result of the agreement with the Competition Bureau of Canada in February 2017.

This chosen group of customers will be transitioned in phases onto a new, state-of-the-art, industry leading mobile network. As part of the phased migration, these 20,000 customers will be the first in the province to have the opportunity to choose to roll over one month's unused data allowance to the next month, with no strings attached.

Change, even when it's for the better, can be stressful, which is why the transition has been deliberately designed to optimize the experience for each customer. Three Xplore Mobile retail locations in Winnipeg and Brandon are now open, with three more opening this week, allowing Manitobans to learn more about the Rollover and Xplore Mobile's plans and offerings. Customers who have received a welcome letter from Xplore Mobile can expect their account and service to transition, based on their schedule. Xplore Mobile will have a focus on transition with appointments and extra staffing between November 2018 and March 2019.

About Xplore Mobile
Xplore Mobile is the wireless service of Xplornet Communications Inc. that will provide voice, text and data services to Manitobans on a 4G LTE wireless network. Committed to being fair, simple and transparent, Xplore Mobile is designed with Manitobans at the core of everything it does. For more information about Xplore Mobile, please visit www.xploremobile.ca.

About Xplornet Communications Inc.
Headquartered in Woodstock, New Brunswick, Xplornet Communications Inc. is one of Canada's leading broadband service providers. For over a decade, Xplornet has been providing innovative broadband solutions to rural customers at work, home and play across Canada. Today, Xplornet offers voice and data communication services through its unique wireless and satellite network that connects Canadians to what matters.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Q: What is the address for your website? When will it go live?
    A: Our website is now live at:www.xploremobile.ca

  2. Q: What is the easiest way for customers to transfer their account?
    A: Customers will be able to schedule an appointment to meet with an Xplore Mobile representative who will personally welcome them to their new wireless carrier, give them their new SIM card, show the variety of phones and plans they can choose from, and explain how our Rollover plans work.

  3. Q: How does the Rollover work?
    A: Regardless of which plan you choose, the unused data you have remaining at the end of the month/billing cycle, will automatically be rolled over to the next month. For example, if you are on our Rollover 7 plan and only use 5 gigs of data by the end of the month, your leftover 2 gigs of data will automatically be transferred to the following month, therefore giving you a total of 9 gigs of data to use that month. Before the current month's data bucket is applied, the rolled over data will be used. We believe this is the fairest approach with the best value.

  4. Q: Are there any other carriers in Manitoba doing this?
    A: No. Xplore Mobile is the first-to-market in Manitoba.

  5. Q: Why launch with the Rollover?
    A: As a "customers first" carrier, our plan from the beginning was to put our best foot forward by offering our customers something that no one else in the country has, but what every smartphone user wants.

  6. Q: What are the Rollover plans and their prices?
    A: Plans and pricing details can be found at: www.xploremobile.ca/plans.

  7. Q: Who are the Rollover plans for?
    A: Anyone with a smartphone who wants the freedom to transfer the unused data of their last month over to their current month.

  8. Q: If a customer wants a particular phone, do they have to choose a specific Rollover plan and tab to purchase their phone?
    A: No. We want to be as fair as possible and offer simple solutions. Our customers are free to choose whatever Rollover plan they want with whatever tab is the best one to buy their new phone with.

  9. Q: What kind of tabs are you offering to your customers?
    A: Our tab options are available on our website: www.xploremobile.ca/tabs

  10. Q: What would a customer's first bill look like with a tab and Rollover?
    A: There is a "Bill Explainer" section available on our website: www.xploremobile.ca/service/bill-explainer

  11. Q: Why open your stores before launching your network?
    A: Again, this decision was based on our "customers first" philosophy. Our first customers are being migrated from another carrier onto the Xplore Mobile network. We empathize with the confusion they might be experiencing and didn't want to just turn on a new network and activate 20,000 new accounts without thoroughly explaining to them what is happening and what their choices are. Transparency is of the utmost importance to us. By opening our stores first, we're able to personally welcome each of our valued customers to Xplore Mobile and walk them through everything at a comfortable pace. By the time they've become fully informed and chosen their new phones and plans, they'll be ready to activate their new accounts.

  12. Q: Where will Xplore Mobile be available?
    A: We are launching with five stores in Winnipeg and one in Brandon. www.xploremobile.ca/stores

  13. Q: Will customers be able to purchase phones and plans online?
    A: We are launching in phases. In this current phase, phones and plans will only be available for purchase in person, at any of our six stores in Manitoba www.xploremobile.ca/stores. We look forward to making purchases available to our customers online in the near future.

  14. Q: What network will your customers be on?
    A: Our mobile service operates on an established and reliable, state-of-the-art, 4G LTE+ network. For areas outside the Xplore Mobile footprint, we have agreements with roaming partners to offer national and international coverage. www.xploremobile.ca/network-coverage

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