Billing Information

Impacts to Billing

Changing Your Monthly Plan

When you make any changes to your monthly plan, you’ll see them on your next billing date. Charges for your new plan will replace the charges from your old plan.

What you’ll see on your bill:

In the “Other charges and credits” section of your bill, you’ll see any additional charges related to changes in your plan, like, for example, you’ve upgraded your phone before the end of your billing cycle.

Adding an Add-On Feature

Monthly Add-On

Monthly add-ons are features you add to your account and remain there every month until you choose to remove them. The change to your account happens almost immediately and you’re billed for it at the same time.

What you’ll see on your bill:

When you add a feature in the middle of your billing cycle, your bill will show a percentage of the monthly charge of the feature based on the time between when you activated the feature and your regular billing date.

Removing a Feature

If you remove a feature, it won’t be taken off until your next billing date. You’ll be able to keep using the add-on until then.

What you’ll see on your bill:

On your next bill, the charge for the feature will be removed.

Roaming and Travelling

If you’re travelling outside of Canada, you’re probably going to use your phone, so grab an add-on for the time you’re gone. Check out our Travel & Roaming page for more details.

What you’ll see on your bill:

If an add-on wasn’t added to your plan before you left (or you went over the limit for the feature you did add), a roaming charge will be listed in the “Data” section of your next bill.

Xplore Roam data travel packs will show up under “Events” on your bill as a one-time charge for each data travel pack purchased while roaming. If you don’t have a data travel pack, you won’t be able to connect to data while roaming.

Any pay-per-use roaming charges will show up under “Data”.

Excess Usage

Excess usage charges are added to your bill when you go over whatever is included in your plan (or you use something that isn’t already part of your plan.)

Examples include going over your:

  1. Minutes
  2. Text messages (local and international)
  3. Data (domestic and international)

What you’ll see on your bill:

In the “Account” section of your bill, you’ll see a charge if you go over the limit of your plan or add-ons.

Good to know:
You can easily track usage on your phone or computer with myxplore.

Upgrading your Phone

When upgrading your phone, the following fees may be applied:

  1. Early Hardware Upgrade balance: If you upgrade your phone before you’re eligible or have a remaining tab balance at the time of upgrade, you’ll be charged for the remaining balance of your current phone.

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You can change your postal code at any time by pressing the location button in the site navigation. Address must match primary area of use. Usage exceeding 50% over two months outside area can result in disruption of services and mandatory plan change.