Public Alerting

Wireless Public Alerting or Alert Ready is a service designed to deliver urgent and potentially life-saving emergency alert messages to Canadians across multiple channels including mobile phones.

The Alert Ready system was created by the industry in conjunction with the government to ensure you receive emergency alerts immediately and know when to take action to stay safe.

Xplore Mobile and all Canadian mobile service providers are required to broadcast emergency alerts received from alerting authorities directly to compatible mobile devices.

Mobile service providers will only receive and broadcast alerts that are issued for threat-to-life situations.

Emergency alerts intended for mobile devices are issued to a specific geographic area which is determined by the alerting authorities. Compatible mobile devices in the targeted area, including devices that are roaming, will receive the emergency alerts within seconds of alert issuance, provided the devices are powered on and connected to the LTE network. If you are travelling outside of Canada to a country that has a functional wireless alerting service, you may receive alerts issued to the geographic location you are in.

NOTE: As mandated by the CRTC, you cannot opt out of receiving threat-to-life emergency alerts.

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